Race Reports

Grant's Tomb 2019 - M4 - Gabe

I lined up in the second row, and about as soon as the whistle blew, just as I went to clip in, I felt a big blow to my rear wheel. There was a bunch of chaos and I got shoulder checked on both sides, but stayed up. By the time I was clipped in, the field was already riding away from me towards the U turn. I put in a decent sized dig to reconnect with the group, thinking I could take the U turn fast and latch back on.

I put in another dig and regained a lot of positions, moving up the left side into the first real turn (left hander near the church). the move up through the field put me in terrible position for the turn, where I had to grab a lot of brake and got my front wheel chopped, leaving me right where I was before the drag, having wasted a match. Tried to leapfrog from person to person to reconnect with the main group but didn't have it in me.

Takeaways - Not much that I could have done about the start, but I absolutely should have known better than to put myself so far inside on the left-hand by the church. That was a major tactical mistake and it cost me.

Kevin Hsieh